I know, its been quite some time since we’ve updated the blog. A lot of it was due to taking a break over the holidays. Regardless, here are some things to keep you entertained for the time being :

Firstly, the Saturday, coming up, as in Saturday the 16th of January, 2010, we are playing a benefit show in solidarity in raising awareness to animal rights, veganism and living green.

This time we will be coming together to raise funds for the AETA 4, 4 animal rights activists from the U.S. who are currently facing terrorism charges (10 years) for things like chalking sidewalks, wearing balaclavas at demonstration to conceal their identities, etc. Although these charges are all frivolous, they are up against a major piece of legislation, the AETA Animal Enterprises Terrorism Act, and legal fees are mounting. Let’s all get together to help all our jailed activists and show the world that unjust legislation like this will not stop the call for an end to animal cruelty.

This event will be held at 73 in St-Catharines Ontario. Cooking demos, tabling, presentations by Brock University Profs and more. Here are the details.

Here is an article concerning the event that was published in Niagara This Week.

Secondly, we at I Refuse are extremely happy for our label God, Jeff, who finally launched his labels website. You can visit it here :

You will find links to all the bands, an online store and tons of media. Let us know what you think!

Thirdly, our LP has now found a new home at Interpunk.

Check THIS out!

Finally, here is a link to download our record for free. We believe in sharing our music and ideas. Share it with everyone else. BURN copies for your friends, family, colleagues. Put it everywhere!

Link to I Refuse – Speaks Fork-Tongued EP for free:

-El Refusé

PS. We’re going to Europe. Get stoked.