So its been quite some time since I’ve kept people up to date.

We’ve been doing some touring for the last month or so, doing both Canadian and US dates.  A week ago, we returned from our magnificent adventure in the US of A, skin dirty, pockets empty, a new transmission in place, but optimism and motivation in the air! I guess its save to announce that we’re currently in the process of writing our full length. We just needed that motivation! At the risk of making this lengthy, there are tons of great people we’ve met in the USA, giving us places to stay, food to eat and motivation to continue. Thank you to all of you! At the risk of sounding cliché “you know who you are”.

Friday, as in August 14th 2009, we are playing a record release. Vicious Cycle, Burning Love and Alaskan are also included on the bill. Be sure to be there at 8pm!

HERE is the event page :

This marks the release of our CD EP released on Ottawa’s very own entrepreneur and record label CEO, Jeff Hurter.

The label on to which the CD EP is being released is called Finish What You Started (FWYS) Records.

If you need to contact Jeff you can reach him at : or

The EP is also being release as LP format on Upside Down Records :

Also check out the label owner’s band!

We will have these CD’s on sale at our record release. Make sure to pick one up! The CD is beautiful. The art was done also, by our friend Pascale. You can check out her art blog at :

To wrap things up, don’t forget about the show this Friday, we’ve got a new CD EP and LP out for sale, we’re writing a new record and we want to play your cities.

You can stream the album here :

SEND it to everyone you know, download it, upload it, send it, share it!

Here are some videos and photography of our US tour.

I Refuse 32

Check out his site also at

Here are some videos :

You can also follow my blog, which will feature some silly tour pictures I took with my iphone.

So… back to school, back to writing, back in the studio. We’re all really excited!

Don’t forget to pick up a CD (We”lll also have other merch!)

We’re still selling our split with Unrestrained for the states on Seasick Records :

You can buy it at the show or pick it up via the web site!

Thanks for reading! Keep posted!