I Refuse needs your help :

Hi everyone,

So up until last night, our tour with The Effort had been going great but last night on the way home from Jonquiere something happened to our van, and we barely made it back to Quebec city. For the third tour in a row, we`ve broken down. We`re now stranded in Quebec and staying at a friend`s house. We`re waiting to hear from the mechanic officially in regards to what the problem is, but the estimated cost based on the number of things that the problem might be is way more than any of us have at our disposal.

If anyone can spare a few dollars and pick up some merch from us in the next little while, it will be soooo greatly appreciated. We have T Shirts, two 7″, distro items, zines, and Words 7″.

if anyone wants to know about sizes or anything, email me at anthony.minichilli<at> gmail.com