“The girl who can’t dance says the band can’t play”

This week marks our first tour of the year, in support of our 7” split with Vermonts own Unrestrained (released on Seasick Records).

We will be touring with The Effort from the US, crossing both Ontario and Quebec cities. We look forward to seeing a lot of you and can’t wait to get on the road!

25 May 2009 20:00
73 St. Paul St w/Akroid, Sound Asleep, Empty Hands St. Catherines, Ontario
26 May 2009 20:00
Siesta Nouveaux w/The Effort Toronto, Ontario
27 May 2009 20:00
323 Bronson w/The Effort Ottawa, Ontario
28 May 2009 20:00
L’Agitée w/The Effort Quebec City, Quebec
29 May 2009 20:00
Kenogami Elks w/The Effort Jonquiere, Quebec
30 May 2009 20:00
Salle Scout w/The Effort Victoriaville, Quebec
31 May 2009 20:00
Bar Saint Laurant 2 Montreal, Quebec


We will be selling these, feel free to pick one up!

Feel free to order them online from the label directly, they will be happy to send you a copy, or two, or three.